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Technical Assistance

Welcome to Customer Services Wing of Affluent Extrusion Technik Pvt Ltd.


  • Our Marketing, Engineering & Services teams work coherently to maintain and improve machine’s reliability, productivity, and efficiency. With customer satisfaction at its top priority, AET supports all means of communication & technology to stay connected with its clients in order to listen to their queries & assist them in resolving their issues.
  • Our team of experts trains & guides your operators, engineers and maintenance personnel on the plants being commissioned at your factory premise.
  • We give guidance on latest developments in blown film lines & allied products and systems which helps to adapt changes in existing and new products, processes and technology advances.


Our team of service engineers takes a regular review & feedback from your team on the performance of your plants and machinery. It helps in regular check of the production system as well as tracking the performance of the machines.


We follow & educate client’s team members on best maintenance practices as mentioned in our service manual which help to cut additional costs due to machine breakdown and improve production by minimizing down time. A complete set of operation and maintenance manual delivered to client at the time of machine installation

– Manual Consists of installation, safety instructions, maintenance, assembly wise part list, Circuit diagram, history file, Machine testing report etc.


–  Our efficient stores & spares management ensures to keep track of the critical machine parts orcomponents need to keep the machine running and avoid stoppages.

– We offers a full range of service & support of spare parts & equipment repair, onsite training &technical support. We maintain enough stock of all essential spares to meet client’s urgent requirement.

– Quality has always been our commitment. We ensure to give you genuine quality spares & equipmentwhich adhere to global standards


We provide regular preventive maintenance schedule in our service manual that avoid unwanted breakdown of machine

To be honest and to offer the best quality and service